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Z Generation two book bundle

Z Generation two book bundle
"Z: The Final Generation" and "Z: Answers for the Final Generation".
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Z: The Final Generation: Biblical Prophecy Reveals the Date of Christ’s Return by Arnold V Page offers a fresh and well-researched interpretation of the Second Coming of Christ while making powerful biblical allusions to the date of the coming. The author draws parallels between the apocalyptic message, especially from the last book of the Bible, and contemporary history, illustrating with unusual clarity that this generation Z — people born between 1995 and 2015, these young people facing a future that is perhaps more uncertain than it has been for at least a century — will grow up to witness the most important moment in history. Having a solid background in philosophy and theology, there were moments I felt like denying the facts in this book, but reason told me it was futile trying to refute a reality that stared me in the face. Arnold V Page writes from inside knowledge and leaves the reader in no doubt that he knows what he is talking about. Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite, 24 June 2018

Z: Answers for the Final Generation is an intriguing piece of analytical and thought-provoking work by Arnold V. Page. Within, he discusses some of the bedrock principles of the Bible and explains why they should be believed as factual and historically correct. An imposing undertaking, but Arnold V. Page is more than up to the task. Beginning with the Book of Genesis and the Earth’s creation, to the Great Flood, and on through to his interpretation of the afterlife, Mr. Page crafts a scientific-based model to align the Bible’s teachings with known scientific methods – carbon dating, etc. – to reconcile two seemingly polar opposite viewpoints. Reviewed by Neil A White for Readers’ Favorite 18 June 2018

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