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Prayer and support

Picture of a lady praying
Will you support my ministry if I keep you in touch by occasional emails with what's going on? I am not primarily asking for money, but perhaps you could assist in one or more of the following ways, as the need arises.

Possible ways to help:

    • pray for any particular needs that have arisen
    • read and comment on an early draft of a new book with general comments and corrections - such people are known as 'beta readers'
    • comment on different ideas I might have for the book's cover - which one you like best and why, etc.
    • read  a pre-publication review copy of the completed book, either as an  emailed pdf or even an advance reader copy in paperback form, with a  view to writing a review of it for upload to Amazon, etc.
    • tell  your friends about promotional price reductions, or take advantage of them yourself (e.g. for birthday or  Christmas presents for family or friends)
    • help to spread the news about my books through any communication channels with friends, etc., that you may have
    • suggest ideas for getting me or my books more widely known.
You can unsubscribe at any time, and a link to do this will be provided. I shall post an email about once a month, except around the time of a new release when there may be two or three extra ones.

If you'd like to help, please complete and submit the following contact form.

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