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Evangelism resources

Spiritual food
Here are some resources you can use to help you in personal evangelism.

Sermon: How to catch fish. A sermon I preached at Elim Hope Church, Lane End, in August 2021.
Gospel pitches. Learn one of these, or better still make up your own and learn it.
First steps. Print out a copy of this and keep it on you for use with a new believer and to give to him as a reminder.

At the time of writing, NIV single Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) can be bought for only 50p each at www.eden.co.uk. If you buy 20 copies you get them post free.

There is a good evangelistic tract written by Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, available at the time of writing from www.eden.co.uk.

If you get into a serious conversation about the truth of the Bible vis-a-vis popular science you could always recommend my book God, Science and the Bible.
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