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Get a free review copy of Z: The Final Generation before its publication date in September!

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In September 2018 the WestBow Press will publish two amazing books about the coming return of Christ and the end of this world! These books by Arnold V Page have already received 5-star pre-publication reviews. Be among the first to read what everyone may be talking about this autumn. Your future depends on knowing what is going to happen!

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Z: Answers for the Final Generation

How can the Bible possibly be true when it tells us that the world is only six thousand years old? Does the fossil record support the Bible’s account of creation or the theory of evolution? Was Jesus mistaken when he said that he would return within the lifetime of his hearers? Will there be a day of judgement after we die, and on what basis? And is there really going to be another Earth? In Z: Answers for the Final Generation, Arnold Page addresses these and other questions with some mind-blowing ideas and irresistible arguments that you will almost certainly not have read anywhere else. Read an extract
Z: The Final Generation

Jesus of Nazareth defeated death 2000 years ago and he is going to come back. This time it will not be as a humble carpenter but in awesome power as the king of kings, to put right everything that has gone wrong in this world. In this controversial and powerfully argued book, researcher and Bible teacher Arnold Page contends that Z, the final letter of the alphabet, will also be the final generation that grows to adulthood before Jesus Christ returns. Read an extract

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You and your family CAN be healthy

My wife was on medication for Type 2 diabetes for 13 years. Her doctor agreed that she no longer needed it after we adopted the Natural Health Diet that I recommend in my book,Twenty-First Century Nutrition and Family Health. I went on to climb sixteen 3000-ft mountain peaks in Snowdonia in 24 hours at the age of 70 and run in my first two half-marathons!
Twenty-First Century Nutrition and Family Health

Finally, a book that tells in a readable way how you and your children can be fit for life without spending a fortune in time or money.

    • Lose weight without feeling hungry!
    • Get your kids to love healthy food!
    • Discover how to reduce your stress levels!
    • Increase everyone's strength and endurance!
    • Add years to your life expectancy!
    • Grow a super-fit family!

"Since reading this book I have lost my 'sweet tooth' and lost some weight without really trying."  E Chapman

"Jenny now buys and cooks in a significantly different way and we are the healthier for it. I've got my weight down to the middle of my BMI range, stopped taking two different medicines, with my GP's approval, and am feeling much, much better. Every family should have a copy."  G Hargrove

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"If the NHS were able to give out and make all their patients read this book I firmly believe that within 12 months we would not have a health service funding crisis." A Dean.

Based on over 500 published research papers, Twenty-First Century Nutrition and Family Health explains how changed methods of food production and continuing wrong advice about healthy eating are mainly responsible for coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and several forms of cancer, all of which were almost unknown 75 years ago. This remarkable book explains what you can do to ensure that your family enjoys the best health possible.

"Brilliant!" Dr. David Walton, MBBS. High Wycombe.
10% from each sale on this website goes to a UK registered charity, Chile for Christ.
Paperback, 320 pages, 246mm x 189mm, 540 scientific references and index.
You can buy it here for only £10.99 + postage, or from for US$ 17.99. E-book editions are also available from online bookstores. That has to be a very small investment for a lifetime of better health, so why not make it now? The book is in stock on this web site and will normally be despatched within two working days.
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Twenty-First Century Nutrition and Family Health
320 page paperback by Arnold V Page
New Generation Publishing, 2015
ISBN 978-1-78507-177-5
The author is a member of the Nutrition Society and has spent 20 years in scientific research & development.
£ 10.99
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If the book does not meet your expectations and you return it in a fully saleable condition within four weeks of purchase I will refund the purchase price. To avoid any disputes please use protective packaging and trackable postage. This does not affect your consumer rights.

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